The King of Capri

By Jeanette Winterson, The King of Capri was one of my favorite picture books years ago and it remains that way today. You’ll read about a king ruling over the island of Capri, and his change from being a selfish man to a kindhearted one. When a tempest blows everything from Capri to the impoverished coast of Naples and a poor washerwoman’s backyard, the woman, Mrs. Jewel, becomes a Queen and the King a poor man. He has no clothes but a dressing gown and his socks, and no food but what he can catch from the sea and what he can grow in the garden. I loved this book because it was just so…wonderful. But not in a boring way. I felt hungry at the beginning when the King was at a feast, and sad when I read about Mrs. Jewel and her poor hungry cat, and pleased when everything turned out okay. Any good book should make you feel that way. You’ll love the beautiful illustrations by Jane Ray, and you’ll want to read it again and again. I know I did. So go and find The King of Capri at your nearest bookstore.


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