The Mysteries of Spider Kane

I lost count of how many times I read this book. Mary Pope Osborne, who you probably know as the wonderful author of the Magic Treehouse Series, wrote it and she didn’t waste a single bit of her talent. I am not the sort of person who would ever call a spider, or any other bug for that matter, cute. Yet, I’m still nuts about this book. The elegant and classy detective, Spider Kane, and his band of followers-all in disguise-drew me in. Poor Leon the butterfly is dreadfully worried about his new friend, Mimi, when she suspiciously disappears. His ladybug friends take him to Spider Kane for help, and together they all travel to the horrible lair of the Emperor Moth, intending to rescue their friend. You’ll love the surprising ending, and the second story that follows, holding a brand-new, daring adventure. I loved the book because I love mysteries, but even if you don’t, you will like this one!


Girls Acting Catty

This, I’m sorry to say, was obviously not author Leslie Margolis’s best effort. It’s the sequel to her earlier book, Boys Are Dogs. The book was about a young girl called Annabelle Stevens, who is going through a couple of changes in her family. Like a new dad and brother. But that isn’t Annabelle’s biggest problem. Suddenly, she finds out she’s on the Queen Bee Taylor’s good side. And her best friends aren’t. Tension grows when Annabelle sits at Taylor’s table at lunchtime, and starts seeming a bit too chummy with the group. Annabelle thought she had school and friends figured out. But does she? I didn’t like the way the author wrote this book, it wasn’t too absorbing, and I found a couple of typos. Leslie Margolis could definitely improve upon the story and the title. The plot was okay, though. But if I really wanted a book that absorbed me so I couldn’t put it down, this isn’t one I’d read.

A Chet Gecko Mystery: The Chameleon Wore Chartreuse

Laugh out loud with this delicious little morsel! Get introduced to Chet Gecko, your elementary school detective with a nose for trouble and a hunger for sweets. When a classmate’s little brother has disappeared, Chet decides to step in. For the stinkbug pie.  But do you think being a detective is easy? Especially when the case involves a bad-tempered Gila monster. Lucky for him, he’s got a smooth-talking mockingbird for help, Natalie Attired. Author Bruce Hale’s clever word play and suspenseful events will have you holding your breath and stifling giggles as Chet encounters the confusing Rat Sisters, a meaty coach, and the Beast of Room 3. Aren’t you just dying to know if our hungry detective makes it out alive? Well, make like a gecko and dig in!

River Secrets

Are you up for reading the third book in The Books of Bayern? I hope so, because Shannon Hale is throwing masterpieces at publishers! The first two books were about girls, but now we have one about a boy called Razo. People still want war between another country, Tira, and Bayern, and times are dangerous. But Razo’s life is suddenly turned on its side when he and others must travel to Tira on a peaceful mission. But will it stay peaceful? This book is a good one, at least to me, and the reason why is that every character has a different personality, and with each new book in The Books of Bayern you get to experience that new person’s feelings and thoughts. Razo is a comical character with a sense of humor, but not at all lacking in ingenuity. (Kind of.) This book will have you laughing with his funny comments and biting your nails when he’s in danger. Look for this at the library or bookstore!

The School Story

Boys and girls alike will just love this funny and creative tale by Andrew Clements. I know I did! Meet Natalie Nelson, a nice, quiet kind of girl with quite a way with words. And meet her wacky best friend, Zoe Reisman, an also nice, but loud kind of girl with lots of ideas. When Natalie writes an amazing story called The Cheater, Zoe just knows it has to be published. And at the company where Natalie’s mother works, nonetheless! Natalie agrees (eventually) to the sneaky scheme Zoe has cooked up, and soon the duo is launched into the publishing biz. I’m nuts for this book because Natalie is a bit like me. Reads a lot, likes to write, has crazy best friends, (Ha, you guys!) and knows just what she wants to be. The humor, the ingenuity, and the suspense will keep you dragged in to this book. If you haven’t taken any of my other recommendations seriously, at least do it with this one.

Tough Cookie

Welcome to the cookie world of crime. This book is by a very imaginative author, David Wisniewski, and he can really write. This book brings you down to the bottom of the cookie jar. Literally. Meet the Tough Cookie, a guy with a brain in his head as well as raisins. He’s a member of a hardworking (sort of) police force, breaking up trouble-cooking gangs and trying to protect fellow snacks from the numero uno threat to the Jar: Fingers. When Tough Cookie’s partner gets chewed up real bad, this baked good sets off towards a show down. Alone. I just love love love love love love this book. When I was only about two-years-old the author came to my parents’ independent bookstore, and I got a signed copy of Tough Cookie. I’ve heard he’s very nice and caring, and I really wish I had met him, because he passed away. But you are totally going to laugh at his portrayal of life in a cookie jar. I mean it.

Enna Burning

I hope you enjoyed The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale, because here’s the sequel! Dive deeper into the life of Queen Anidori’s best friend, Enna. The threat of war sweeps through Bayern, but Enna finds herself fighting a war with herself due to some powerful information. I liked this book just as much as The Goose Girl, and that’s because I got to know a character (Enna) much better, and it was very interesting! The unpredictable plot kept me guessing, and it’s a book I wouldn’t mind rereading! It’s a fabulous companion to the first book in The Books of Bayern, and I have a feeling you are really going to like it. Be sure to check for it at the bookstore.