Tough Cookie

Welcome to the cookie world of crime. This book is by a very imaginative author, David Wisniewski, and he can really write. This book brings you down to the bottom of the cookie jar. Literally. Meet the Tough Cookie, a guy with a brain in his head as well as raisins. He’s a member of a hardworking (sort of) police force, breaking up trouble-cooking gangs and trying to protect fellow snacks from the numero uno threat to the Jar: Fingers. When Tough Cookie’s partner gets chewed up real bad, this baked good sets off towards a show down. Alone. I just love love love love love love this book. When I was only about two-years-old the author came to my parents’ independent bookstore, and I got a signed copy of Tough Cookie. I’ve heard he’s very nice and caring, and I really wish I had met him, because he passed away. But you are totally going to laugh at his portrayal of life in a cookie jar. I mean it.


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