The School Story

Boys and girls alike will just love this funny and creative tale by Andrew Clements. I know I did! Meet Natalie Nelson, a nice, quiet kind of girl with quite a way with words. And meet her wacky best friend, Zoe Reisman, an also nice, but loud kind of girl with lots of ideas. When Natalie writes an amazing story called The Cheater, Zoe just knows it has to be published. And at the company where Natalie’s mother works, nonetheless! Natalie agrees (eventually) to the sneaky scheme Zoe has cooked up, and soon the duo is launched into the publishing biz. I’m nuts for this book because Natalie is a bit like me. Reads a lot, likes to write, has crazy best friends, (Ha, you guys!) and knows just what she wants to be. The humor, the ingenuity, and the suspense will keep you dragged in to this book. If you haven’t taken any of my other recommendations seriously, at least do it with this one.


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