River Secrets

Are you up for reading the third book in The Books of Bayern? I hope so, because Shannon Hale is throwing masterpieces at publishers! The first two books were about girls, but now we have one about a boy called Razo. People still want war between another country, Tira, and Bayern, and times are dangerous. But Razo’s life is suddenly turned on its side when he and others must travel to Tira on a peaceful mission. But will it stay peaceful? This book is a good one, at least to me, and the reason why is that every character has a different personality, and with each new book in The Books of Bayern you get to experience that new person’s feelings and thoughts. Razo is a comical character with a sense of humor, but not at all lacking in ingenuity. (Kind of.) This book will have you laughing with his funny comments and biting your nails when he’s in danger. Look for this at the library or bookstore!


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