A Chet Gecko Mystery: The Chameleon Wore Chartreuse

Laugh out loud with this delicious little morsel! Get introduced to Chet Gecko, your elementary school detective with a nose for trouble and a hunger for sweets. When a classmate’s little brother has disappeared, Chet decides to step in. For the stinkbug pie.  But do you think being a detective is easy? Especially when the case involves a bad-tempered Gila monster. Lucky for him, he’s got a smooth-talking mockingbird for help, Natalie Attired. Author Bruce Hale’s clever word play and suspenseful events will have you holding your breath and stifling giggles as Chet encounters the confusing Rat Sisters, a meaty coach, and the Beast of Room 3. Aren’t you just dying to know if our hungry detective makes it out alive? Well, make like a gecko and dig in!


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