Girls Acting Catty

This, I’m sorry to say, was obviously not author Leslie Margolis’s best effort. It’s the sequel to her earlier book, Boys Are Dogs. The book was about a young girl called Annabelle Stevens, who is going through a couple of changes in her family. Like a new dad and brother. But that isn’t Annabelle’s biggest problem. Suddenly, she finds out she’s on the Queen Bee Taylor’s good side. And her best friends aren’t. Tension grows when Annabelle sits at Taylor’s table at lunchtime, and starts seeming a bit too chummy with the group. Annabelle thought she had school and friends figured out. But does she? I didn’t like the way the author wrote this book, it wasn’t too absorbing, and I found a couple of typos. Leslie Margolis could definitely improve upon the story and the title. The plot was okay, though. But if I really wanted a book that absorbed me so I couldn’t put it down, this isn’t one I’d read.


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