Dealing with Dragons

Writer Patricia C. Wrede has supplied the world with a book filled with wit, surprises, and danger in this first book of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles. You’ll read about plucky young Princess Cimorene of the Kingdom of Linderwall, and her sudden transformation from being a regular old princess living in a castle to a dragon’s princess living in a cave. And you will be astonished by how it comes about! I loved this book because of the unpredictable plot as well as the main character. Cimorene’s intelligence and attitude will keep you drawn in as you laugh at her comments and peoples’ responses. If you’re bored with the usual princesses in stories (proper, gold hair, blue eyes, etc.) then you are going to just love this book. I mean it. So why don’t you go get your dad or your mom and hightail it to the library.


2 thoughts on “Dealing with Dragons

  1. I started reading this book because my dad saw this website and bought me the series for a present. You were right about this book, and I felt like I was in cimorene’s world!

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