A Dog Called Kitty

This is a sweet, sentimental story by Bill Wallace. Ricky, your main character farm boy, has been scared of dogs ever since he was a baby. So even though the stray dog that shows up is cute, small, and innocent, he makes Ricky nervous. But the poor thing doesn’t have a mother, and can’t compete with the barn cats for the milk Ricky’s mom sets out every night. Gradually, as he starts feeding the dog and taking care of him, Ricky and Kitty begin to bond. This book made me cry and cry, and it made me breath deep sighs of relief. Dogs are my favorite type of animal, and that’s why I liked this book. The sad ending was a bit much for me, though, because I usually like happy endings. Still, this book really is a thoughtful and emotional book. If you like what I’ve described, consider going to the library, why don’t you?


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