Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Did I type that last word of the title wrong? No, I assure you, I did not. Yes, the bad guys are really Librarians, and yes, the main character really is named after a prison. Can I get on with it? Good. Anyway, Brandon Sanderson wrote this book. How would you feel if on your thirteenth birthday you received an inheritance from your supposedly dead parents that turned out to be a bag of sand? Also, let’s say you had a Talent for breaking things. How would you feel? Pretty confused? Well, that’s how a certain Alcatraz Smedry felt in this book, especially when a man that’s always late for everything showed up at his door and claimed to be his grandfather. Before he knows what’s happening, Alcatraz is swept up in an adventure that includes lethal handbags, lethal Lenses, and a lot more lethalness. And the whole time he narrates this captivating collection of exploits with a ton of attitude and a few kittens. I loved this book for that. And I hope you will too, so don’t you think you’d better read it?


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