Dog Magic

Poor Molly. She can’t stand being around a dog, yet there are so many in her neighborhood. But the problem is solved when she gets a gorgeous pair of Magic Shoes for her birthday. Carla Golembe tells the tale of a girl finding a way to finally get over her fears. But the trouble starts up again when the shoes Molly has come to depend on fiercely have finally been outgrown. Now our heroine must strive to find the courage needed to get on with her childhood. I loved this book and had it read to me many times when I couldn’t do it myself. I’m a huge fan of dogs, and it was so interesting to read about a little girl who didn’t feel the same way (at first). The writing is good, and the pictures are lovely. Before children can read for themselves it’s always important to get them started. And I bet they’ll love hearing the story about Molly and her Magic Shoes.


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