Paperquake: A Puzzle

This is the story of a young girl coping with her fear of earthquakes, her problems with her sisters, and mysterious letters from the past. This story, by Kathryn Reiss, is well written and great for kids who like crosswords and mysteries, and is especially good if you like the thrill of finding something out. Violet is the odd one out where her siblings are concerned. She’s scared of everything, and is the only child without blond hair out off the triplets. That’s hard. I loved this book because of its mystery and suspense. It’s the story of a young girl trying to find the strength in herself, and trying to figure out the odd visions she keeps receiving. But things really get kicked up a notch when she realizes that if she doesn’t act, lots of people will lose their lives in San Francisco.
Believe me, this book is a sure page-turner, and good for any child interested in history and mystery.


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