The Memory Bank

The Memory Bank, by Carolyn Coman, is a great read. It’s the story of Hope Scroggins, who has simply horrible parents. But, thankfully, while Hope is in the dumps and slipping away because of the fact that her little sister has been abandoned, she’s delivered to the WWMB, or the World Wide Memory Bank. It’s a fun world where the memories of every person on Earth are stored, and there are lots of interesting and kind people there. But the WWMB is at war with the Clean Slate Gang, which Hope’s little sister is now a part of! I was a little disappointed when I read this and saw it was for younger kids too, and was fairly easy. But if you are a younger kid or have one that’s about around the age of eight, they will love this. It’s a very imaginative and fantastical story with lots of nice pictures and a great plot. So go to the bookstore right now!


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