Talking to Dragons

This book is the most unpredictable of them all! And you better be trusting me, or else you will be more shocked than you have ever been when you read it. This book in the series revolves around Daystar, a young man who just happens to be Cimorene’s son! He just doesn’t know who he is, exactly. But it might be a good idea to find out when his mother boots him out of the house with a magic sword. Along with an impolite Fire Witch named Shiara and a baby dragon, Daystar sets off on a journey that will decide the fate of numerous people, animals, and (of course) dragons. I think this is a good ending to The Enchanted Forest Chronicles because of the entertaining interaction between the characters and the epic battle at the end. All in all, a great read. And unless you want to miss out on that, I suggest you go to the bookstore or library right now.


One thought on “Talking to Dragons

  1. Have you read “The Dragon Chronicles”? It’s about dragons like “Talking To Dragons”. I like the characters because they are really funny. You should really read it , and put it your website.

    Elyse Carey
    Girl Scout Troop 1507

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