Alcatraz Versus the Scrivener’s Bones

Brandon Sanderson has a new Alcatraz adventure for us, and it’s just as funny, inventive, and dangerous as the first one was. Alcatraz is waiting to meet Grandpa Smedry when he has a little run-in with some baddies. Lucky for him, his friend Bastille saves his neck, and not for the first time. Turns out Grandpa Smedry is hot on the trail of Alcatraz’s father, and it’s led him right to the long-lost Library of Alexandria! Now Alcatraz must lead Bastille, her mother, and his fellow Smedrys into the depths of the library, while all the while resisting the evil Curators that wander through it. This book was entertaining, and I enjoyed reading it because of its high-speed adventure, with a nice good helping of attitude on the side. So go ahead and dig in!


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