Poetry Speaks to Children

Yep, it’s poetry! And all you kids out there making faces, you’re wrong! This a wonderful book with a verse for everyone and every personality. Whether your favorite is Why?, by James Stevenson, or Lies, All Lies, by William Cole, you will love to just pick up this book and flip through it. These are poems that will always bring a thoughtful smile or an amused giggle to your lips. And they’re from different poets: Langston Hughes, Robert Frost, James Berry, and scores of others. I love these poems because there is always one to fit my mood, whether it’s funny, quiet, or even a little nonsensical. Whichever way you feel, this book is sure to please. And even if some poems are not to your liking, I’m sure there are at least a couple that are. So go online, or take a walk to the library. I don’t care, just find this book and read it.


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