The Mother Daughter Book Club #1

There are four girls. They are nothing alike. They all have their own, individual problems. And they are all in the same book club together, with their moms. One word: Crazy. Emma’s the writer. Cassidy’s the jock. Megan’s the girly girl. And Jess doesn’t know what she wants to be. Out all of them, Jess and Emma are the only ones that are good friends. The girls all have different opinions about stuff. And you will get to read them all in The Mother Daughter Book Club. Jess’s mom’s away, Emma’s dealing with snobs, Megan’s torn, and Cassidy’s dealing with her dad’s death. I loved this book because the writer, who happens to be Heather Vogel Frederick, writes very well and knows just what to toss into the tale to keep the reader enthralled. And, once you’re finished with book #1, there’s a second! And a third. And a fourth, which happens to be my favorite. It’s the insane world that is middle school, complete with snooty girls and embarrassing moments. Yikes! Just give it a try, because this is the exact kind of book that will have you stuck with it until you’re through.


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