Children of the Lamp: The Akhentaen Adventure

I thought this book was good, but here’s my one problem: the writing was not particularly enthralling, and this is one of the traits I look for when I’m reading something. This book didn’t make me want to stay up late and whine for another few minutes of reading. However, this book (by P.B. Kerr) had a very good plot that made me stick with the book and its series. It’s about two children, brother and sister, named Phillipa and John. After having their wisdom teeth extracted (at age twelve!) they are compelled to visit their Uncle Nimrod, who lives in London. There, they discover that they are actually djinn, or children of the lamp. And, only a little while after this shocking news is delivered, they are tossed into a mystery that may deeply affect the entire world. These books are written okay, and the plot is very imaginative, which is one of the other things I look for in a book. So, if you aren’t busy, you can go take a look at the library.

P.S. For the adults: P.B. Kerr is also a writer of books for you! He’s under the name Philip Kerr.


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