The Memory Bank

The Memory Bank, by Carolyn Coman, is a great read. It’s the story of Hope Scroggins, who has simply horrible parents. But, thankfully, while Hope is in the dumps and slipping away because of the fact that her little sister has been abandoned, she’s delivered to the WWMB, or the World Wide Memory Bank. It’s a fun world where the memories of every person on Earth are stored, and there are lots of interesting and kind people there. But the WWMB is at war with the Clean Slate Gang, which Hope’s little sister is now a part of! I was a little disappointed when I read this and saw it was for younger kids too, and was fairly easy. But if you are a younger kid or have one that’s about around the age of eight, they will love this. It’s a very imaginative and fantastical story with lots of nice pictures and a great plot. So go to the bookstore right now!

Author Tidbits: Jacqueline Kelly

In case you forgot, Jacqueline Kelly is the talented author behind The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. But before that she was a physician and a lawyer. She was born in New Zealand, but that didn’t last very long. Soon she moved to Canada with her family, and then to the desert and heat of Texas. You can imagine what a shock she must have gotten, going from forests on Vancouver Island to the environment of El Paso. That’s where she attended university, and then she went to Galveston to study to be a physician. But she soon turned her back on that and went to law school.

Finally, after all those years, Jacqueline finally decided writing was for her. Her first short story was written in 2001, and the novel that was her debut came out in 2009. This was The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. She based the setting on what she saw as a child, and the dog Ajax is based on her own beloved dog Elvis. Aren’t you surprised what an interesting life this author has led?

The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

Picture this: You’re the only girl in a family with seven kids total. You live in Texas, and it’s a boiling hot summer. And you’re doomed to become part of domestic society, knowing nothing beyond darning and cookery. Well, what do you think? Bleagh. Unfortunately, this is the life of poor Miss Calpurnia Virginia Tate, an eleven-year-old girl that doesn’t necessarily have the adventurous life she longs for. But that all changes when she ends up getting to know her grandfather and is swept into the magnificent world of Science. I loved this book (written by Jacqueline Kelly)  for Calpurnia’s hilarious antics, her candid narrative, and the good writing. I’m nearly positive you’ll enjoy reading about Calpurnia’s piano recital, the time her big brother gets a girlfriend, and the whole Lula Gates fiasco. So I’d go check for it at the library if I were you.