The Art of Book Packing

Hello, all. It just so happens, I’m in NYC! And, while we were preparing this morning, my dad mentioned how he didn’t want to take his big heavy book on a one-and-a-half-day trip. So, he was looking for something light. I thought I’d do this post, just for any novices in the ancient and sacred Art of Book Packing. Let’s get started.

1) Weight. No way can you take too many heavy books, especially if you’re going on a plane. Do you really want to pay extra because you absolutely had to have your hardback copy of The Three Musketeers with you? I didn’t think so. So, just remember, light and thin is better.

2) Whether it’s hardback or paperback. Not only are paperbacks lighter, but they are not as pretty as hardbacks. Sorry. Your hardback books will just get banged up, torn covers, squished corners, etc. Your paperbacks might get a little wear and tear, it’s unavoidable, but they’re better to take than those hardbacks. Don’t forget that.

3) How many books you bring. If you’re going on a trip that lasts a couple of days, this isn’t a super big rule to follow. Just consider how much time you will have to read, and whether or not you will finish your one book before you get home. Then you can always bring one more, just to be safe. But say you’re going on a weeklong trip. Before you take about ten paperbacks, figure out where the nearest library is to where you’re staying. Perhaps you can use a relative’s card to get seven books when you arrive, and only bring three others. This also reduces the weight of your suitcase, so bonus!

You might want to try out these rules of the Art of Book Packing on a Christmas getaway or something, and I hope they’re helpful! This is your NYC Book Blogger, signing off.


4 thoughts on “The Art of Book Packing

  1. Hallo Me Name iz Owen und… (slap) cut to the point owen okay okay )Mwa Ha Ha Ha hello I found ur blog Nora =) YAY

    1. Dear Owen – Thanks for telling your mom about this blog — she told me about it, and I told the fourth grade teacher here in Boulder Colorado, and she told the librarian at Bear Creek Elementary, and now everyone will be reading it!

      Dear Nora: Thanks for writing such great reviews. We now have new books to read and enjoy. I agree with your review of Calpurnia Tate. Have you read The Princess Academy, or Where the Mountain Meets the Moon? Keep up the blogging! Well done! Owen’s Aunt Colene

      1. Colene-
        I have read Princess Academy and Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. I can’t believe Owen told you! I’m very glad you enjoy my blog. I’ll think about writing a review for Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. Take care! Nora

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