The Crowfield Curse

Written by Pat Walsh, The Crowfield Curse is a chilling and haunting tale. Maybe not as enthralling as other books I have read, but it is a creative and interesting thing to read. The main character is William, an orphaned boy who is servant to the monks at Crowfield Abbey. When Will rescues a hobgoblin, he learns more about the world of the fay, and the Dark King who used to terrorize it. And things only get more complicated when two very peculiar and strange persons show up at the abbey, a Jacobus Bone and his manservant, Shadlock. Things aren’t always as they seem, William learns, and sometimes these things can be very dangerous. Especially when he discovers a mythical creature lies buried in the forest, and Jacobus Bone and Shadlock seem far too interested. As I said, the book was not as absorbing as others, but the characters and plot are of good quality. So next time you’re at the library, I recommend you take a look.


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