Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains

I sort of discovered this book by accident. See, I saw the name “Snyder” on the spine at the library, and I mistook the author to be Zilpha Keatley Snyder. Imagine my surprise when I saw Laurel Snyder on the cover later. But I’m glad I made that mistake, because then I might not have taken it off the shelf in the first place. Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains tells the story of Lucy, just a peasant girl who’s friends with a prince and more than slightly mischievous. When Wynston (the prince) must start to look for a princess to marry, he can’t spend as much time with Lucy as he used to. So, with all this free time on her hands, Lucy sets off to climb the Scratchy Mountains, the land of her mysterious mother’s birth. Wynston doggedly follows her up, and they encounter many problems along the way. I really liked this book for its creative plot and the interesting, delightful setting. So, when you get a chance, I strongly recommend you take a look at the nearest library or bookstore for this tale.


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