Touch Blue

Touch Blue, by Cynthia Lord, is a short and sweet novel. Tess lives on what she obviously considers the best place in the world: Bethsaida, a small island where everyone knows everyone and the school only needs one teacher. Speaking of the school, it’s in trouble, for the State of Maine plans to shut it down, due to lack of students. In an attempt to save their home, the islanders agree that five foster children will arrive and be taken in. And this is how Tess’s family ends up with Aaron, a thirteen-year-old and gifted musician. But Aaron is just so hard to figure out, and that idiot Eben Calder is causing problems. Tess can’t even tell if her new foster brother likes her and her home or not! Tess needs all the good luck she’s ever needed. But there are the good parts: Lobstering with Dad, working on the old boat Tess has, etc. I really liked the book for the freedom the main character had, and it was well written. The little sayings about luck at the beginning of each chapter were interesting, too. At least take a look next time you’re at the library, okay?


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