The Two Princesses of Bamarre

One thing you need to know about me- I am a huge Gail Carson Levine fan. I have read all her kids’ books, and watched the movie made of Ella Enchanted. And, speaking of that book, that is the one the author is most famous for. Which is exactly why I’m writing a review for one of the lesser known ones. Okay? Phew! Glad we got that cleared up. Anyway, the two princesses of Bamarre are Addie and Meryl, and though they care very much for each other, they are as different as the hero Drualt and an ogre. And the world couldn’t be more wrong when it chooses Meryl, the heroine, to fall to her bed with the Gray Death and Addie, the maiden who is scared of everything, to set off on a quest for the cure. O, the fantastic world of Bamarre! Full of mystical beasts and adventures just waiting to be had. And Gail Carson Levine tells her story in compelling, well-chosen words to keep the reader immersed throughout. The adventure, the language, that is why I love this book. And that is why I think you would, too! So, mark my words, you better go buy or borrow this book, I don’t care which! And a warning: The ending is a little bittersweet.


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