Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Before we get started, just let me apologize for not having written a review for anything in a while. Busy, busy, busy! But I’m back. So. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is an enchanting story, created by Grace Lin. You will meet Minli, a young dreamer of a girl that must spend each day working hard in the fields to support her family. She’s stuck in the Valley of the Fruitless Mountain, where her greatest joy is to hear her father tell fantastical stories every night, though her mother finds them nonsensical and stupid. Spurred by her family’s troubles and Ba’s stories of the Old Man in the Moon, Minli runs away. Her quest is to find the Man who knows the answer to everything, which is not as easy as it seems. But she has help: A dragon that cannot fly is her partner in the journey. This book was well written, and the stories and characters will delight all. Plus, the illustrations were just fantastic. Read it now!


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