The Clockwork Three

Amazing. An amazing book. The Clockwork Three is supposedly Matthew J. Kirby’s debut novel, but it’s hard to believe this is so. I loved it. The author wrote with wonderful use of language and gave a very satisfying plot and characters. At times, I admit I did think the characters were a bit unbelievingly emotional, but everything else makes up for it. Giuseppe, an Italian busker with a cruel padrone, wants nothing more than to return home to his brother and sister. Frederick, an orphaned apprentice clockmaker, wants nothing more than to make journeyman. And Hannah, a young girl working in a very fine hotel, wants nothing more than for her father to recover from his illness and for everything to be right with the world again. But cruel fate plays games with the children, giving something good (like a green violin) and then snatching it back again. Eventually, the two boys and girl become acquainted with one another, and find they cannot fulfill any of their dreams unless they join forces. This was an excellent novel, and I really reccomend you pick it up. Now.


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