Writing Magic: Creating Stories That Fly

Gail Carson Levine! Yay! She’s awesome! OK, now that my enthusiasm is out, let’s continue. This book is, in fact, not one of Gail Carson Levine’s usual fantasy novels. This is a book on how to write them. And it’s fabulous! The tips and instructions are easy to follow, written in the author’s usual captivating way. It will help you write all kinds of things, not just books. It’s perfect for both beginning writers and HUGE Gail Carson Levine fans. (Both of which I am!) I was so excited when I got it from the library, I didn’t put it down all day. I am crazy about it, mostly for the great advice it gave me and how it wasn’t just a boring old book of instructions. It was way, way more. So, I think that this book could really help anyone who needs advice on writing, or just loves the author.


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