A Little Princess

Yes, she’s a little princess, alright. Sara Crewe is the most princess-like girl you could be, without actually being royal. She’s kind, pretty, polite, and just…princessy! Frances Hodgson Burnett, noted author of The Secret Garden, is the creator of A Little Princess, and I must say, she knows her fantasy. Sara is the pampered daughter of Captain Crewe, and she is left at a boarding school in England while he returns to India. There, she is just as spoiled by Miss Minchin as she was by her father. But, on her eleventh birthday, news arrives: Terrible misfortune befell Captain Crewe,and he is unable to provide for Sara any longer. Enraged, Miss Minchin immediately sets Sara to work as a poor servant, in the very household where she had been treated like royalty. Somehow, Sara manages to keep a hold on herself and the rules she lives by. And maybe is rewarded by a miracle or two along the way. I very much liked the fantastic plot and lovable characters of this story, which was written in good language. I especially suggest people purchase this book for little girls who are big fans of fairy tales, because this is just such a book.


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