Love That Dog

Author Sharon Creech delivers a book of most original poetry, in a most original form. Jack doesn’t like poems. So how can he write them? His teacher really expects him to write them? C’mon. But over the course of the year, and as Jack encounters different types of poems, he starts to yield to the words. And the reader will gradually become acquainted with his dog. That yellow dog. Gosh, he loved that dog. When Jack reads a poem by Walter Dean Myers, titled Love That Boy, he starts to open up about that dog, Sky. Sky’s not there anymore. But Jack doesn’t forget about him. This book was very unusual and touched my heart. As a plus, I am wild about dogs. I recommend this book for people who don’t even like poetry, because it will change your mind. And watch out for the sequel, Hate That Cat.


4 thoughts on “Love That Dog

  1. Okay. Nora, this is the only book that you’ve posted that I have a differing opinion on. I didn’t love it. It was a bit sad. 😦

  2. umm, it was a well written book
    u read bridge to Teribithia and Marley and me, and those were sad too, but it takes really good literature to make the reader fell as sad as the character, so lets respect that
    p.s. read-bridge to Teribithia and Marley and me

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