Penny Dreadful

Laurel Snyder is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. (Don’t worry, Gail Carson Levine, you still rock!) In her newest book, the author has created another lovable and real character. Penelope Grey. Most people would probably give just about anything to have her life. But Penelope wouldn’t. She’d give anything to have something interesting happen! And (after a little wish) she gets it. Her dad quits his job. WHAT??!! Things do change, and they’re interesting. If you can manage to get past her father’s listlessness, her mother’s depression, and the fact that money is dwindling, sure. But Penelope can’t. Then, all of a sudden, the Greys up and move to the country, a place called Thrush Junction. And things change again. For the better. Penelope gives herself a new name, meets new and awesome friends, and even her parents are happier. Until something happens to spoil it all. Hmmm, sound familiar? I thought so. Laurel Snyder uses absorbing language, and the characters are original and amazing. The cute, occasional illustrations add to the fun. Let’s go, Laurel!

P.S. By the way, she’s got a new book coming out later this year!


2 thoughts on “Penny Dreadful

  1. I looooooved this book!!! Espicially the ending! Is her next book about Penny??? I’d like to hear more about Thrush Junction! And Alice, and Willa’s baby (wahw!!) :), and her school, and the new addition…

  2. Only two things I can say about this. One, I’m sincerely sorry to miss your book club again. Such a cool book. Two, WAHW!!!!!!!!!

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