Shakespeare’s Secret

I, personally, am a mystery fan. Especially of the type written by people like Elise Broach, which frequently have a plot revolving around some artist or other and their history. That’s just fine with me. In this novel, the main character is a young girl by the name of Hero. I know what you’re thinking. A girl? Is she sure? I know. I thought that, too. Hero and her sister Beatrice are named after characters in one of William Shakespeare’s plays: Much Ado About Nothing. So what? They aren’t Shakespeare-obsessed like their folks. But it would seem that Hero has a change of heart when she learns of a diamond that could quite possibly be hidden in her new house. One that may open the eyes of the world to something important about the writer. And things get even more interesting when Danny Cordova (super cute, super popular, and super confusing) makes it apparent that he intends to help solve the puzzle. Hero learns many things, like the questions that surround Shakespeare’s life, the secrets of her neighbor, and there’s more to the creator of her name than she ever imagined. This is a great book with good writing and good plot. I’m sure lots of kids, both male and female, would enjoy it. (Oh, and to all frustrated English teachers, this could really draw your kids a bit more into your lessons. Just sayin’.)


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