The Lost Hero

For everyone who is crazy about the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, this is another mythological book by the very same author: Rick Riordan. When Jason finds himself on a school bus holding a weird girl’s hand with no memory at all, his world turns upside down. For Piper, the same girl who’s clutching his hand, she can’t believe her own boyfriend doesn’t know her face. And Leo is Jason’s best bud, not understanding why this happened. All three have their problems, all three are special…all three are demigods. And they are very soon carried to Camp Half-Blood. There, things are in turmoil. Where has the great hero Percy Jackson disappeared to? One by one, the kids are claimed, some with shocking results. And, all of a sudden, a new prophecy is given, and as always, it comes with a new quest. Jason and his friends are swept off into another world, one where they must confront the worst parts of themselves, dark things come out into the light, and a great enemy looms in the background. This book, like Rick Riordan’s other work, is action-packed, well-written, and adds up to something everyone will like. My only problem is that it is not quite as funny as Percy Jackson. But you can’t have everything.


4 thoughts on “The Lost Hero

  1. Well, Id love to find out how this one ends, but my Dad is reading it aloud, and I cant read it untill we’re done. Oh, Well.

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