The Candymakers

Written by Wendy Mass, The Candymakers is a truly delectable read, with interesting and mysterious characters and a unique plot. A number of children across the nation have written essays on one thing: Candy. And 32 children’s essays have stood out and paved the road to the chance of being professional candymakers. They are given three days to attempt to create a brand-new, original treat which will be presented to three judges. Logan has the pressure. He’s the son of the owner of the Life is Sweet candy factory. He’ll be expected to come up with something wonderful. Daisy has the cheeriness. Or is there something else beneath the neon-yellow sundress? Miles…well, he’s a little strange. I mean, what kid is allergic to the color pink and rowboats? And Phillip is the suit-wearing, insulting, annoying kid who owns a mysterious notebook. Quite the crowd, eh? Throughout the course of the story, new things are brought to light and amazing discoveries are made. Boys, girls, even adults would enjoy this book. Go get it from your library now!


2 thoughts on “The Candymakers

  1. Gosh, Nora! If you only read this in January/February, you’ve waited too long to read this one too!!! Wasn’t it soooo good??

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