Life at Mica High in Arizona is normal. Just normal. But one new student does away with “normal” when she arrives at the school. Stargirl. She’s the most unusual, interesting, amazing person Leo has ever met. And he’s not the only one taking notice of someone. Stargirl sees him. She likes him. But Stargirl’s popularity plummets, and Leo finds himself uncomfortable and wishing for the “normal”. This book tells the unique and imaginative story of two people and a high school, and their lives together. Kind of sad, kind of sweet, and altogether something you should read. Jerry Spinelli has a way with words. Boys and girls would both enjoy it, I think, what with its original plot and characters. (Honestly, they don’t get any more original than Stargirl.) It’s simply absorbing and I bet it would be especially thought-provoking for book clubs. So, go to the library, and get Stargirl. You won’t be sorry.


3 thoughts on “Stargirl

  1. Again, our opinions differ, Megan. I thought most of da book wuz boring. Like u said about the hunger games, it lacked pizzaz

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