The Dragonfly Pool

Ever heard of Eva Ibbotson? Which Witch? The Island of the Aunts? Well, even if you haven’t, you sure are going to now. The Dragonfly Pool shows you the world of Tally, the girl with a loving father and many friends. But things change when Tally’s dad decides she has to be sent away to Delderton, a boarding school in the English countryside. Just to keep her safe until all the trouble with Hitler is over. Tally doesn’t want to go, but she goes. And Delderton turns out to be a perfectly amazing place, full  of opportunities. Soon Tally and her friends travel to Bergania, where the real excitement starts. A king’s assassination, a prince in danger, and a war all combine to make this a thrilling and great thing to read. So go get it!


4 thoughts on “The Dragonfly Pool

  1. Ok now Megan, I’m insulted. Also, how can u love da plot and hate da book??????Im confused….
    I also love Nora though and the blog

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