Millicent Min, Girl Genius

My best friend begged me to read this for months, and I finally did. And guess what? I WAITED TOO LONG. Lisa Yee is a wonderful author, and has created a very unique, funny, absorbing, and altogether great book. Millicent Min is the smartest eleven year old you will ever meet. She’s skipped a ton of grades, so many in fact, that she’ll graduate from high school in about a year. College is right around the corner. If we’re talking grades, Millicent’s acing the test. But socially, well…let’s just say she isn’t exactly popular. But this upcoming summer has some hope: Millicent meets Emily Ebers, an average girl that has no idea about Millicent’s actual brain. Maybe there’s a chance our heroine can pull off a real friendship. But that’s hard when you have to tutor idiot Stanford Wong and your parents can’t grow up. This summer holds surprises-and maybe Millicent Min has a bit more to learn. This is a good book, without a doubt. It’s well written and interesting. Go buy it!


3 thoughts on “Millicent Min, Girl Genius

  1. I liked the book, but it seemed a little too unrealistic for me. I mean, a eleven year old 12th grader?? Who doesn’t have ANY friends??? Not likely. It still was a good book, though.

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