Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

I think I tried to read this book in 2nd Grade. Truthfully, I understood maybe half of what I read, and I stopped in the middle. A year later, I tried again. I got through the whole thing. Hurrah! And I remember it to be a pretty good book, not a particular favorite, but still something that was a pleasure to read. Rebecca Rowena Randall is the little girl who has come to live with her aunts, because her mother didn’t want Rebecca’s sister to go. Aunt Miranda and Aunt Jane are very disciplined, very proper women, and not at all used to Rebecca’s type. Throughout the book, you follow the heroine’s antics and achievements, pain and happy days. The story has good plot, lovable characters, and is told by Kate Douglas Wiggin with eloquence. Girls to grown women would enjoy it. Check at your library, the local bookstore, or with your friends. You may find it’s worth it.


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