Nothing But the Truth

There is one thing you need to know about this book: It is original. Yes, in the content, but also in its format. Just so you know. The entire book is composed of conversations, notes, and articles. It’s a documentary! Avi, the author, had a good idea when he thought of that. So let’s get to the plot, hmm? Philip Malloy is a ninth grader at Harrison High, and he can’t stand his teacher, Ms. Narwin, who has taught for around 20 years. When Philip sings along with The Star-Spangled Banner in the morning when he is asked for silence and doesn’t stop, he finds himself in the vice principal’s office. Then he is suspended after a couple other problems.  Eventually, the story somehow finds itself to a reporter, and then it starts to build. Not everything is true, not everything is a lie. Who’s right? The student or the teacher? You decide. It’s a pretty good book, not a favorite, but good. Just let me say one thing: If characters and events that give you strong feelings tend to make you lose it and tear the book to shreds or do something just as awful, don’t read this.


3 thoughts on “Nothing But the Truth

  1. Hey-
    we had 2 read this 4 reading
    it was good, I think that Phillip had every right to sing, because if even if its a rule, is an illegal rule, so would u rather b sent to the principals, or have them sent to jail???
    My sis thinks he was jus being disrespect full

  2. OK, Megan, it was disrespectful!!!! Sarah is totally right. What I don’t get is the ending. It sounds like Avi forgot to keep writing. I mean, it was an ok book, but just ok

    1. OK, Philip was disrespectful. He did have the right to hum (he didn’t sing he hummed). But he abused his rights! He hummed because he wanted out of Narwins class. And the only reason he wanted out of Narwins class was because he got bad grades and he wanted of the track team. So….I’m on Miss Narwin’s side on this one….

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