Author Tidbits: Clare Vanderpool

For those of you who have forgotten, Clare Vanderpool is the fabulous author of the 2011 Newbery Medal book, Moon Over Manifest. Since I’ve already written a post on the award-winning book, who says I can’t write one about the award-winning author? So let’s get started.

Clare Vanderpool lives four blocks from where she grew up, and within walking distance of several VERY important places (relatives, bookstores, etc.). When she was younger, she found herself reading in many odd places: The bathroom, dressing rooms, school (don’t tell!). She claims she did get her degree in English, but also learned tons from looking out the window during car trips, listening to family stories, and playing pretend. Don’t we all? Clare has a happy family with a husband and four kids. If you go to her website, you will find they are all greatly talented. Aside from writing, Clare likes to spend time with friends and family, browse bookstores (I share that joy), and watch re-runs of Monk.


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