The Girl Who Saw Lions

I just finished this book, yesterday in fact, and decided it would be best if I wrote a review for it while it was still fresh in my mind. The Girl Who Saw Lions, by Berlie Doherty, is a very good book, especially for kids around 8 or 9. Meet Abela, a young girl living in Tanzania, Africa. When Abela loses her beloved mother, father, and sister, she is left with her caring grandmother. But then her bully of an uncle returns to his homeland with his English bride, and things get a little different. Up in England, Rosa is a very happy girl with a happy  life; she has a good mother, goes ice skating once a week, and is just plain comfortable with it all. Then her mother wants to adopt a Tanzanian child, and her life changes also. Abela is swept up in Uncle Thomas’ plots, Rosa is swept up in a strange world of visiting agents and questions. This book is interesting, well written, and a little young for me, but it would probably have been even more of a favorite a couple years ago.


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