Tortilla Sun

So many books, so many undiscovered masterpieces. Tortilla Sun, by Jennifer Cervantes, is just such a masterpiece. Meet Isadora, nicknamed Izzy, a 12 year old with only her mother in the world. Her dad died before she was born. Then Mom goes to Costa Rica to do research for her PhD. As for Izzy, she is sent to New Mexico to live with a grandmother she hasn’t seen since she was six. Besides that, there’s the strange baseball she found that used to be her father’s, with the words “Because…magic.” Izzy knows the baseball means something, but Mom sure isn’t yielding any information. Hopefully, living with Nana and the other people in the village will reveal some answers to Izzy’s many questions. The village, as our heroine soon discovers, is filled with magic, enchantment, and new friends. Along with Mateo and Maggie, she starts to learn more about her family and the past previously unknown to her. She also learns some valuable lessons along the way, and I’m talking more than just how to make tortillas. This book was near impossible to put down, and I found myself wishing I could jump in and see the magic for myself. A great book for anyone. So go to the library and check for it!


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