What a great read! Cookie is the story by Jacqueline Wilson of poor little Beauty Cookson, who is perhaps the child most laughed at in school. Her name might mean pretty, but that she is definitely not. She hasn’t got a single friend, and is forever the victim of popular Skye’s teasing. At least there is Skye’s best friend, Rhona. Though she may be close to Beauty’s worst enemy, Rhona doesn’t hesitate to treat everyone, including those that are friendless, with kindness. Unfortunately, things aren’t much better at home. With a father that can explode with anger at any moment and a sweet mother that can’t seem to stand up to him, Beauty’s life isn’t what you would call “perfect”. Then Mom gets a superb idea: Beauty needs a nickname, something bouncy and fun, something that makes someone want to be your friend. Something like…Cookie. It’s just right, and Cookie is starting to see hope. But Dad’s temper is getting worse. This book is well written with very real characters, and I think almost anyone would enjoy it. If you find you enjoy it, try another book by Jacqueline Wilson, such as Best Friends. Go to the bookstore!


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