Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword

Yes, I read graphic novels, too. And this is one of the best, by author Barry Deutsch. Mirka does not like bothering with marriage, or sewing, or anything she’s supposed to, for that matter. Unlike her stepmother Fruma. No, what Mirka wants to do is something different, something no eleven-year-old Orthodox Jewish girl has done before: Fight (and hopefully slay) dragons! Now, no one in her family is especially supportive of this. Not her bossy sister, not her nervous brother, and definitely not Fruma. But Mirka is determined to achieve her goals. Still, there is one problem…it’s not really possible to slay a fire-breathing beast without a sword, is it? Before you know it, our heroine is on a quest. So, follow through with the funny illustrations and interesting characters on the quest to Mirka’s sword.


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