Author Tidbits: Michael Buckley

Well, let’s see…I’ve done posts on The Sisters Grimm and NERDS, so I might as well do one on the author of both: Michael Buckley. Before he became a writer for children, Michael Buckley was stand-up comedian. He was also the lead singer of a punk rock band, and he worked as an intern on the Late Show with David Letterman. He also worked on developing programming for various TV networks. Quite an array of jobs, I might add. Finally, he discovered the joys of writing, especially with a healthy dose of funny. The Sisters Grimm is his first work, and he is now a bestselling author. For those that aren’t particularly drawn to The Sisters, he has a funnier series called NERDS. This more resembles science fiction, chock full of originality. Now that you know more about the author of these great books, why don’t you take a look?


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