Matilda Bone

If you look at the header when you first bring up my website, you will notice smack-dab in the middle and a little to the left, there happens to be a rather surly looking young girl with yellow braids and a basket on her arm. This, if I may introduce you, is Matilda Bone, who knows a ton about religious things, such as what’s above and what’s below, but hardly anything about the medieval world she lives in. But when the priest who has raised her sends her away to be assistant to Red Peg the Bonesetter Matilda quickly realizes that life will be quite different. She thinks herself superior to all who surround her in this village, and longs for nothing but to return to what she knows. But, slowly, Matilda starts to wake up and embrace the people and surroundings of her new home. This is her story about realizing that prayer and knowledge are not the only desirable things in this great wide world we live in. It is also one of my absolute favorite historical fiction novels, intertwined with interesting facts about the Medieval Ages. Its characters are diverse, and the author’s writing only makes it more enjoyable. Yes, Karen Cushman has created something wonderful. So I strongly suggest you got to the library and check out Matilda Bone at once. Really!


2 thoughts on “Matilda Bone

  1. i really like your review . does Matilda have any parents if not how did the priest find her.Why does the priest send her did she know so much about religious things .

  2. Susanna-
    Thanks! The book says Matilda lost her parents long ago, and Father Leufredus took her in. He was needed at London to swear loyalty to Edward the Third, and it was he who educated her in religious things. Hope you decide to try the book! -Nora

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