Amelia Rules!: The Whole World’s Crazy

Possibly my all-time favorite graphic novel series is Amelia Rules! Really, how can you not love it? It’s about an extremely funny, interesting, and adventurous young girl, who still has her flaws. Amelia Louise McBride is real, and I think that’s a part of why I love her. Amelia has moved from her beloved New York City to a small town she didn’t even knew existed. Even living with her cool Aunt Tanner can’t brighten things up. Things aren’t looking their best, but she has made friends. Reggie, who (let’s be truthful) is rather odd, Pajamaman, who is friendly despite his quiet nature, and Rhonda, who has lumpy hair and a sharp tongue. Let’s just say she and Amelia are still, um…getting used to each other. Jimmy Gownley’s words and drawings go together to make you laugh out loud, and Amelia is a truly unique character. And don’t stop with this book! There are many more. I say this is a book that both kids and adults will enjoy, and I hope they do.

June 20, 2011: 8 posts to go!


One thought on “Amelia Rules!: The Whole World’s Crazy

  1. Okay, love this book. And the rest of it’s kind. Kind of like candy in a book sort of way. A fast, easy, funny book. LOVE IT!

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