The Bronze Pen

I’ve read this book about two or three times. I’m still not tired of it. This tale written by Zilpha Keatley Snyder never ceases to captivate me. Audrey Abbot has a dream of becoming a writer, but nobody else knows. She doesn’t think it would seem important in her world, one with a dying father and an  extremely hardworking mother. So Audrey keeps her aspirations inside of her. Until one day, when she runs into a strange old woman, who she finds herself telling about her writing. And isn’t Audrey surprised when the woman presents her with a glittering bronze pen? She tells Audrey to use it well, and wisely. The girl takes it home and immediately starts using it in her writing. But the story doesn’t end here. Strange things start occurring. All of a sudden, Audrey’s dog is talking to her! Then…is that a dragon under the bed? Audrey can only think that it might be the bronze pen that’s doing this, but the things Audrey writes about don’t always end up the way she expects. The pen is unpredictable, so does she dare use it to try to save her dad’s life? This book has touching characters, a cool plot, and is (like I said before) captivating. Tons of kids will enjoy this exciting fantasy.

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