Small Persons With Wings

Yes, Small Persons with Wings. DO NOT call them fairies. They don’t take kindly to it, as Melissa Angelica Turpin finds out pretty early in life. Age five, to be exact. That’s when she had a Small Person with Wings living in her room. His name is Fidius, and he could make squash look like candy corn and a room look like a jungle. But all that changes when Mellie comes back from kindergarten with the exciting news that she plans to take Fidius in to show everyone. Maybe for once she might have some friends. Then Mellie’s hopes are dashed when she wakes up the next morning to an awful surprise: Fidius has left, leaving nothing behind but stupid china figurine. Let’s just say things don’t turn out well on Monday when that’s all Mellie has to show of her “fairy”. The embarrassment follows her for years, right up to when she’s thirteen. But when there is news that her grouchy grandfather has died and left her family his old inn, it’s a golden opportunity to leave it all behind and get a fresh start. But what do Mellie and her parents find when they get there? You guessed it. An infestation of Small Persons with Wings. Sigh. what can Mellie do now? This is a fresh, fun book, with a good plot and lovable characters. The writing is good, not particularly engaging, but definitely works. It’s appropriate for both children and young adults. Nice job to Ellen Booraem! This is a book I would recommend to all fantasy-lovers. I suggest you go check it out!

July 27, 2011: Only two more!


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