Finally, written by Wendy Mass (also author of The Candymakers) is the story of Rory Swenson. And there is only one thing on Rory’s mind these days: Her fast approaching twelfth birthday. Cellphones, ear piercings, it’s all only going to happen when Rory turns twelve, courtesy of her overprotective parents. Sigh. But the day is finally getting close, and Rory is ready. She’s got a carefully constructed chart including all things, big and small, she can do as soon as the big day begins. And who can fail to be in a good mood when they’re about to get everything they’ve been asking about for ages? But things seldom turn out exactly the way you’re expecting them to, as our birthday girl soon finds out. Everything she’s been looking forward to…nothing is as she envisioned it. Could it possibly have something to do with the cryptic words of the old lady she met while stuck in a drainpipe? (No, I didn’t mistype. Trust me.) I actually think I enjoyed this book more than The Candymakers, maybe because for some reason it grabbed me more, perhaps because it made me laugh. Like Rory, I looked forward to my twelfth birthday more than others, so we have that in common. This is a great book for kids who like to read realistic fiction. It’s a story about wanting and wanting to grow up, and discovering that it’s trickier than it sounds. The surprising twist at the end only adds to the book’s appeal. Take a look soon!


3 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Good book. Good review. I like reviewing your reviews. Beed I say more? Gotta go and get my chicken pot pie. adios

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