B is for Betsy

B is for Betsy, by Carolyn Haywood, is a fun, carefree read that you can read to your child chapter-by-chapter at bedtime, or they can read it themselves. Betsy has spent the entire summer jumping out of bed and having fun. But now the summer is over, and school must begin. That means first grade. From what Betsy has heard from Old Ned, who works at her grandfather’s farm, school is going to be an absolute disaster! However, Betsy gets a surprise: School isn’t that bad after all, not when you have Miss Grey for a teacher and have friends like Ellen and Billy. The year turns out to be full of adventure, and perhaps a little mischief. B is for Betsy is a playful book that I enjoyed as a little girl, and I think other kids would as well. It’s a good way to get them interested in reading. So, next time you’re at the library, maybe you’ll take a look? Also, if you find you like it, there is Betsy and Billy, Back to School with Betsy, and Betsy and the Boys.


3 thoughts on “B is for Betsy

  1. Omg this sounds like such a sweet book! Can’t wait 2 read. No, I’m not weird, I just like little kid books. Like Yellow & Pink. Right up there on my list w/ Harry Potter. No joke.

  2. I loved this series as a young girl. Did one of the books concern a special lamp she buys for her mother for Christmas? She hides it at the home of an invalid girl who can’t leave her bed. The lamp adds so much color and light to this girl’s sick room that Betsy ends up leaving it there for her and has no special gift for her mother. Does this plot sound familiar or am I remembering another series?

    1. I think you may be, actually. It could be that it’s been too long for me to remember correctly, but I’m pretty sure that this doesn’t come from this series.

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